Dog pound

I take one step out of line
And you suddenly forget the
Ten thousand miles I walked
Perfectly straight.
I can recite novels full
Of poetry but never the
Words you like.
I can drive both ways using
Gas fumes because I can’t
Afford gas
and you’ll still
Ask me why I’m late.
I’ll sit there in the silence
You gave me and go def
From all the things expected
To crawl out of my mouth and
Into your ear.

It doesn’t take the moon
Or the sun
Or a death to blind someone.
Human eclipse.

The ego blocks out the soul.
I’m so damn sick of being
Painted black
When I used to be golden.
I’m so damn sick of following up
A good deed with the
Thought of starting a million horrible
I’m so sick of letting the hand that
Feeds me beat me half to death
As I whimper and lick
My wounded heart.

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