Ramblings 2

Scrolling through my twitter feed today,
I realized one fundamental thing:
We live in a world where memories
Are now accessible through a tap,
A scroll, a click, a search.
There is no escaping what is there
For the rest of the world to preserve.
Especially today, where privacy is
Blessing rather than an expectancy-
I struggle to find my way around
Painful snips of the past.
We no longer need photos,
Or letters, or dare I say it-
All we need is a username, a password,
And a wifi connection and the world
Is at our knees.
Our brains are lackluster in comparison
To the giant super network that lives
Through the wires and signals of the earth.
What are we even?
Man or machine?
We rely so heavily on the technology around us, I would find it astonishing
If man could put down the cellphone.
And maybe, perhaps,
Pick up a pen or a book.


If youre my girlfriend then there is absolutely no need to get jealous because im probably obsessed with you

That last fish got away

I awoke with the sunrise
And spent the adolescent hours
Of the morning happy.
That fish got away.
She spoke about the past
Like it was some bad dream
She could never wake up
I sat there in the staircase
And listened to her repeat her
Stories over and over.
Her voice made me cry
The way it shook like
A warped record.
These are the last words
That I will remember.
“I’ve always been proud of you.”


We’re both only 17,
and we have so much time
to make mistakes.
So kiss me like you’ve
never known anybody else’s
lips and let me know that
I’m doing at least something

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